The Woodside Nippers curriculum is comprised of 4 key learning areas.

Surf Awareness

Not only are surf skills required in conquering conditions, but a knowledge of where the dangers are and how to read the surf are essential ingredients in keeping safe at the beach.

Individual Safety

This deals with recognising potential risks that we all face when visiting the beach, and in life in general.

Lifesaving Skills

This learning area starts to introduce our Nippers to the role we hope they undertake as they grow and develop into future lifesavers.

Surf Sport Skills

Nippers learn a variety of skills to help them develop confidence and introduce them to surf life saving’s various surf sport events, such as swimming, board racing, and beach flags, to name a few.


“I love the confidence my children now have in the ocean as a result of the Nippers programs. They are able to recognize rips and dangerous surf conditions.”