Throughout the season, nippers from U8 to U13 have the opportunity to participate in inter-club surf sport competitions, outside of the Sunday Woodside Nippers program.

Surf Sports competition plays a major role in preparing a surf lifesaver to meet the physical standards necessary for saving lives in the surf. Over the years the competition element of surf lifesaving has evolved from an aid to the physical preparation of a lifesaver to its own identity and plays a major part in the social development of a lifesaver.

For our U8 and U9 nipper members – who we refer to as Little Nippers – we have the very popular Little Nippers carnivals; clinics; and SunSmart WA Little Nipper Championships, with a focus on fun and participation.

We love how inclusive the nipper programme is. We especially love the teamwork and the sportsmanship of the programme. It’s an individual sport but with so much team ethics.

For our U10 – U13 nipper members, we have the Nipper carnivals; clinics; and the SunSmart WA Nipper Championships, providing a fantastic opportunity for those nippers looking to pursue surf sports.

Check out our calendar of Little Nipper and Nippers surf sports events here.

Nipper Competition Skills Evaluation

Nippers from U8 to U13 who wish to compete in water events at these inter-club competitions must complete the Competition Skills Evaluation.

Competition Skills Evaluations are used to ensure they meet the minimum requirements for their competitive age group. These evaluations are to be completed by your club at an open water venue and reflect the distance swum at a SLSWA event (see table below).

Age Group Competition Evaluation
U8 Minimum 100m open water swim in 6 minutes
U9 Minimum 100m open water swim in 6 minutes
U10 Minimum 150m swim in open water in less than 9 minutes
U11 Minimum 288m swim in less than 9 minutes
U12 Minimum 288m swim in less than 9 minutes
U13 Minimum 288m swim in less than 9 minutes

If your Nipper is interested in getting involved in surf sports competition, speak with your Age Group Manager, and find out more about carnivals and clinics here.

Nipper Age Champions

Of those nippers who choose to participate in nipper sport, each year Surf Life Saving WA recognises the highest performing male and female nipper athletes of each age group, based on their performance at the SunSmart WA Nipper Championships. It’s always exciting to see who our budding surf sports champions are!