There are 8 levels in the Woodside Nippers program which correspond to the 8 age groups – Under 6 through to Under 13 – and each year will build upon the skills and learning from the previous.

Age Group Levels


Cap Colour Age Group Certificate Information
Under 6 Surf Play 1 This will be your Nippers first introduction to the Woodside Nippers Program. This level is designed to be educational through play, participation and fun.
Under 7 Surf Play 2
Under 8 Surf Aware 1 Introduction to beach safety, basic lifesaving skills and surf sports skills. These age groups are referred to as Little Nippers and are also able to participate in modified interclub surf sports carnivals.
Under 9 Surf Aware 2
Under 10 Surf Safe 1 These age groups demonstrate beach safety skills, lifesaving skills, and further develop their surf sports skills through club activities, clinics and interclub surf sports carnivals.
Under 11 Surf Safe 2
Under 12 Surf Smart 1 These age groups transition towards becoming a surf lifesaver, develop an understanding of what is required to be a patrolling member and continue to develop their surf sport skills through club activities, clinics and interclub carnivals.
Under 13 Surf Smart 2


At the completion of the Woodside Nippers Program, when your child finishes the Under 13 Surf Smart 2 level, they will be equipped to move into Surf Life Saving WA’s Youth Programs, gain their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) and ultimately, should they wish, become a qualified surf lifesaver who can patrol our beaches and provide a service to the community.